The OWSD Bangladesh National Chapter was founded in 2009 and is based in Dhaka at the Institute of Science and Technology.
The organization is particularly active in the areas of participation, integration, attrition, and professional development.

What is OWSD?
OWSD is the first international forum to unite eminent women scientists from the developing and developed worlds with the objective of strengthening their role in the development process and promoting their representation in scientific and technological leadership

What is OWSD National Chapter Bangladesh?
• OWSD National Chapter Bangladesh was formed with a group of OWSD members who fully support the objectives and activities of OWSD, and aim to promote female participation in science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) in scientific leadership, and in the decision-making processes, both at the national and regional levels.
•OWSD members can meet other members in the country and regions through activities organized by OWSD National Chapters
Why OWSD-BD was established?
•OWSD National chapter in Bangladesh was established: to
•Provide networking and information-sharing between institutions and individuals for promoting the increased participation of women in science and technology.
•Initiate STEM-based activities that address national concerns working with all levels of society (grassroots, schools, colleges and universities).
•Evolve and develop strategies for mobilizing financial and human resources towards achieving National objectives

Why Work with OWSD
•You can work as an intern at OWSD for up to 4 months
•you can offer your expertise as a short term consultant
•Interns at OWSD
•OWSD welcomes applications for internships in particular from students at education institutes in or near Trieste, Italy. In the past we have accepted students from the Institute of International Sociology in Udine and those doing a Masters in Intercultural Cooperation for Development (Cooperazione Interculturale allo Sviluppo) at the Università degli Studi di Trieste.
•Each intern, in discussion with OWSD staff, receives tailor-made terms of reference.
The first task is to become familiar with the OWSD history, objectives and programmes, especially the OWSD fellowship programme.